"Lipstick" by MönSr Yusef 36 x 36"

"Lipstick" by MönSr Yusef 36 x 36"

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"As a generation, the depth of the soul must be explored, measures applied, as lipstick is smeared on the very place that the soul can be located.." MönSr Yusef © Lipstick

Dollars & Cense Recipe

1 full length mirror
1 oz. pure heart
36 oz. acceptance
18 oz. knowledge
9 oz. belief
1 c. goals
3 tbsp. dreams
9 oz. discipline
3 yds. cotton
4 1/4 yds. cotton

Todd Marshall Contemporary online exhibition
"T.ANG Thuggin' A New Generation 2020"
Juneteenth-July 10 daily posts.
By using the mirror as the ground, Yusef places each line of the recipe for success on the surface to be viewed at the same time as one reflects directly looking at themselves in the mirror. Change starts within.

fine art print 36 x 36" on enhanced matte paper.